NUTM Scholars share experiences from mentorship program

Members of the founding class of the NUTM Scholars Program (NSP) are currently partaking in the Shadow-a-Leader module, a mentorship opportunity that allows the Scholars to work closely with and be mentored by senior industry leaders.

'Shadow-a-Leader' is a six-week full-time module in which a Scholar is paired with a senior leader based on their career interests and professional background. Through the module, Scholarwork within the boundaries of their associated organization, completing tasks assigned by the leader. The Scholars are expected to acquaint themselves with various leadership styles, apply the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they have garnered during their time at NSP to grow, deliver on assigned tasks, and create value for their assigned leader.


On the lessons learned from the module:

The most important lesson thus far has been an understanding of the realities of the startup ecosystem in Africa and around the world. I was fascinated by the number of requirements that founders had to meet on a consistent basis in order for the business to thrive. In addition, I learned about startup financing, operations, and growth strategy.

Scholar: Chinonso Ezebuiro

Leader: Nadayar Enegesi, co-founder and CEO, Eden Life


I'm learning how to conduct in-depth research and extract useful political statistics from a variety of sources. It has been difficult, especially given that my mentor is not directly in my field. I am, however, benefiting from her wealth of experience. In essence, adaptability is essential in the professional world.

Scholar: Comfort Ademola

Leader: Ayisha Osori, Executive Director, Open Society Initiative West Africa


On how the Shadow A Leader module will improve their experience on the NSP:

The Shadow A Leader module has provided a practical platform for the application of some of our course knowledge. I've developed a critical and analytical problem-solving mindset that will be useful in the remaining courses and tasks before the program's end.

Scholar: Elsie Ogianyo

Leader: Paul Onwuanibe, MD/CEO, Landmark Group


The Shadow A Leader module has made the transfer of learnings/knowledge from the classroom to the workplace a reality. Shadowing a leader has allowed me to apply what I've learned in various courses to real-world situations, particularly the Harappa habit courses, Foundations of Leadership, Digital Transformation, and Writing Centre courses. Shadow A Leader has made my NSP journey truly experiential.

Scholar: Comfort Ademola

Leader: Ayisha Osori, Executive Director, Open Society Initiative West Africa




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